PocketECG FAQs

PocketECG Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting the Medi-Lynx website for more information on using your PocketECG device. It’s important that you are comfortable wearing the device and have an understanding of how it works.

Below you’ll find the questions that we receive most often from patients. To see the answer, just click on the question, and the answer will appear.

If you have a question that is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below, feel free to contact Customer Care at 1-855-847-1009 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help with your questions.

Please remember to follow your physician’s instructions and wear your PocketECG monitor for the length of time prescribed.

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A: PocketECG provides your doctor with complete information about your cardiac rhythms and your heart rate to help in the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia.

A: Your physician will decide the length of your cardiac study. PocketECG can monitor your cardiac rhythms for up to 30 days to provide the data needed for a more accurate diagnosis.

A: No. PocketECG is a diagnostic tool used to help detect cardiac arrhythmia. It cannot prevent a stroke or a heart attack.

A: No. Medi-Lynx provides long-term cardiac rhythm analysis. We cannot call Emergency Medical Services, so if you believe you are having a medical emergency, please call 911.

A: The monitor should be worn at all times except when showering, bathing or swimming, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.


A: No. PocketECG transmits your ECG data directly from the device to Medi-Lynx using a mobile network.

A: Don’t worry if you don’t have cell service or your cell service is poor. Your heart rhythm data is constantly recorded and stored in the device’s internal memory. If the cellular connection is interrupted, the device will continue to record your data and will transmit all the data once the connection is restored. If there is no cellular connection, your data will be downloaded when you return your device to Medi-Lynx.

A: If no ECG data is transmitted for more than six consecutive hours, a Customer Care team member will contact you to troubleshoot the problem so that your study continues as quickly as possible.  You can also request a data check by calling the ECG Center at 1-855-847-1009 to ensure that your device is connected properly and transmitting data.


A: Your PocketECG device comes with two types of latex-free, hypoallergenic electrodes for your convenience. Most patients start out with the Vermed® foam electrodes in the silver packaging, as they adhere to the skin more easily.  However, if you experience skin sensitivity or irritation, you may try the alternate electrodes.  Feel free to contact Customer Care at 1-855-847-1009 for more information about electrodes.

A: Yes. You should replace your electrodes every 24 hours to ensure clear, readable data. Most people prefer to change their electrodes when they bathe, but you can change them whenever it is most convenient. Your PocketECG comes with a 30-day supply of each type of electrodes, and additional electrodes can be provided if needed.

A: To change your electrodes, unsnap leads from the electrodes and remove the device, leaving the electrodes on the skin. Using warm, soapy water, loosen the adhesive and detach the electrodes. Be sure not to get the PocketECG device wet. To reattach, wait until the area is completely dry and free of any barriers between the skin and the electrode (hair, lotion, ointments, etc.). Replace the electrode within 3 inches of the original placement.

A: You should always leave the spare battery on the charger when not in use, so that it is fully charged when needed.

A: The screen will turn off to conserve battery power if too much time passes while you are selecting from the symptoms on the screen. The device will also turn off if the PocketECG button is held down for too long. If you need help reporting symptoms, call our ECG Center at 1-855-847-1009 and a technician will assist you.

A: The Report Symptoms screen acts as a “home screen” on the device, so that if you do have any cardiac symptoms, you can easily tap on it and follow the prompts to report the symptoms.


A: Yes, please call us at 1-855-847-1009 and one of our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A: If an unusual rhythm is detected according to criteria set by your doctor, your doctor will be notified and provided with a report.

A: There’s no need to call Customer Care when you bathe or swim, but always be sure to remove the device prior to showering, bathing or swimming. If you remove the device for more than six consecutive hours, a Customer Care team member will contact you.

A: Yes. You may contact your physician for a copy of your report.  Alternatively, Medi-Lynx can provide you with a copy of your report if you complete a medical release form.  Feel free to contact Customer Care for more information.

A: Please contact your physician for any questions regarding your cardiac rhythm or your heart rate. To ensure patient privacy and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of medical information, our technicians cannot provide this information.