Insurance & Billing

Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring is pleased to perform your heart monitoring study, which has been prescribed by your healthcare provider.  The information below is provided as a general overview of our billing process.

Once your monitoring session has ended, a claim for the monitoring services provided will be submitted to your insurance plan. Please note that Medi-Lynx monitoring services are independent and separate from the charges billed by your physician or healthcare provider.

Will I get a bill?

Your insurance plan will issue an Explanation of Benefits (an “EOB”), explaining your coverage and any co-insurance and/or unmet deductibles you may be obligated to pay.

Please note that EOB statements from your insurance company are NOT a bill.  All patient invoices will be mailed separately and come directly from Medi-Lynx.

For Medicare and other federal or commercial plans in which Medi-Lynx is contracted as an in-network provider, you can expect to be invoiced for applicable co-insurance amounts and/or unmet deductibles as required per the terms of our contracts with your insurance plan and as required by law, but you will not be balance-billed above and beyond the contracted rate limits.

For insurance plans in which Medi-Lynx is out-of-network, your insurance plan will determine the “allowable rate” as explained on your EOB.  You can expect to be invoiced by Medi-Lynx for applicable co-insurance amounts and/or unmet deductibles, based on the “allowable rate” set by your insurance plan for the services rendered, but you will not be balance-billed above and beyond the allowable rate set by your insurance plan.  When out-of-network, Medi-Lynx typically does not know what your insurance plan’s allowable rate will be until the claims process (including appeals if necessary) is exhausted.

Will my insurance cover my test?

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, provide coverage for your heart monitoring study that has been prescribed by your healthcare provider, however, coverage and eligibility varies widely across insurance plans.

Medi-Lynx is a contracted Medicare Part-B provider, and is in-network with certain insurance plans.  Medi-Lynx may be out-of-network with your insurance plan, but this does not necessarily mean that your insurance plan will not provide coverage for the services.

Questions about your bill?

Medi-Lynx has alternative and flexible payment options available, including financial assistance for eligible patients.  Eligibility is assessed upon request, and is based on your individual circumstances.

Medi-Lynx is available to help answer questions!  If you have any questions regarding your financial responsibility, payment plan options, or eligibility for financial assistance, please contact our billing office Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST at 1-855-847-0780.